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Frequently Asked Questions for Yoga Class Today
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Class Creation
How do I enter a class?
For registered users only: Use the "Add Your Classes" menu option, then click the blue "Classes" link at the top of the page. If you have not yet created a location, you will be prompted to do this first. Once you have at least one location set up, you will see options for adding new classes.
What information should I include when entering a class.
For registered users only: The search results page will display the name of the Class Location and the value that you create for the Class Name. These values should be both short and informative. Within these limits, you can enter whatever you want your customers to see. You may want to include the type of yoga, the name of the teacher, and the class difficulty level. Additional information can be included in the Comments and Duration sections for each class. This additional information will be displayed along with the location address in a pop-up window when someone click on one of your classes.
What is a one-time class?
For registered users only: You may create two types of classes using the class entry form: One-time, and repeating. The Start Time and Start/Class Date are required entries for both types of classes. A class is a one-time class if it is only offered on a single date. In this case, you do not need to select days or enter an end date. A one-time class will only be displayed on the start date that you enter.
What is a repeating class?
For registered users only: You may create two types of classes using the class entry form: One-time, and repeating. The Start Time and Start/Class Date are required entries for both types of classes. If you want to create a class that is displayed repeatedly (for instance, every Monday and Wednesday), check the boxes for the desired days, and then enter an end date. A repeating class will be displayed to the public on the selected weekday(s), beginning on the start date, and ending on the end date. If you do not enter an end date, we will apply a six-month limit.
What website address should I enter?
For registered users only: If you have a specific web page on your site for class schedules, include it with the class entry. A class website address is displayed with the details popup page that opens when someone click on one of your classes in the search results. You do not need to enter a website address for classes. If you leave this entry blank, the web address that you entered for the location will be used. (If you left the location web address entry blank, then the main account web address will be used.)
Why can't I see my classes?
For registered users: If you have added classes but can't see them in the search results page, make sure your classes are set to active on the class entry/edit form.

If your account has not yet been approved, you will only see your classes if you are logged in. Once we approve your account, your classes will be available for public viewing.

Double-check the zip code that you assigned to the class location on the location edit form. Then make sure that your search is using the correct zip code and/or search radius.
Why are there advertisements on the search page?
The advertisements allow us to keep this site free for both students and teachers. If you see an ad that you find offensive, please contact us with a description of the ad, and we will attempt to prevent it from appearing in the future.
How do I add a new location?
For registered members: New locations can be added at any time. Log into the site, click the "Add Your Classes" menu option, select "Locations", click the "Add New Location" button, and then enter the information for the new location and click "Save Changes".
How do I edit a location?
For registered members: Existing locations can be edited at any time. Log into the site, click the "Add Your Classes" menu option, select "Locations", and then click the "Edit" button for the location that you want to edit.
What are location staff allowed to do?
For registered users only: You are allowed to associate up to 5 staff members with each location. This is done by adding email addresses to the location edit page. These staff members can then log in using their emails address (they will need to use the "I need a new password" option on the Login page to get a password). Staff are limited to class entry only. They will not have access to your location or account setup areas. You do NOT need to enter the main account email address that you used to create your account.
What is a Location?
For registered users only: You must create at least one location before you can enter classes. This location should represent the address where the classes are held. The zip code is particularly important, since our search methods are based on the location zip code. If you offer classes at more than one location, you can enter more locations.
What website address should I enter?
For registered users only: The Location web address is the default web address for all classes that you assign to that location. If you do not enter a web address for a specific class, then the location web address will be used instead. (If you don't enter a location web address, then the main account website address will be displayed with the class details.)
Logging In
I can't log in, what should I do?
Make sure that you are using the correct email address as your user name. If you are an account manager, this is the address that you used during registration. If you are a staff member, your account manager can tell you what email address to use.

Remember that passwords are case-sensitive. If you are not sure of your password, you can use the "I need a new password" link at the bottom of the login page. We will send a new password to you via email.
What is my password?
If you are a registered account manager you should have received your password via email during the registration process.

If your account manager has entered you as an account staff member, or if you just need a new password, use the "I need a new password" link at the bottom of the login page. We will send a temporary password to you via email. You will be required to change this temporary password the first time you use it.

If you know your password and want to change it, use the "I would like to change my password" link at the bottom of the login page. Passwords must conform to the following rules:
  • Between 8 and 16 characters.
  • No spaces.
  • At least one number.
  • At least one upper-case and one lower-case letter.
When logging in, remember that passwords are case-sensitive.
What is my user name?
Your user name is the email address that you used during registration. If you have not registered, use the "For Instructors" page to create an account.
Does it cost anything to use this site?
No! You can search for classes, create an account for your organization, and post classes for free.
How do I create an account?
Click the "For Instructors" link on the menu, and follow the instructions on the registration page.
Our Privacy Policy
We take your privacy seriously! We will never share your name or email address with anyone else. We will only send email messages to you when you first register, and when we approve your account. If you use the "I need a new password" option on the login page, we use your email address to send a new password. Other than these account-related tasks, we will only contact you if there is a problem with your account or in response to a message from you.

The information that you enter when configuring locations and when adding classes will be available to the public. Public searches do not require an account with us, so anyone can view this information. These entries are your responsibility, so please do not enter personal or private information. If you don't want something to appear in the search results, do not include it in your entries.
Questions and Comments
How do I contact the site managers?
If you cannot find what you need on the About Us page or in the Frequently asked Questions, use the Contact Us menu option to send us a message. If you would like a response, be sure to include an email address.
Searching for Classes
How do I find a class near me?
On the top menu, click the "Find a Class" link to look for a class. Review the entries in the search box on the top right of the page to make sure that you are looking in the correct zip code area and on the correct date. You may also enter a keyword search value if you are looking for a specific teacher, studio, type of yoga, etc. If your search does not return any results, try selecting a larger search radius, or enter a nearby zip code. After changing the search settings, you must click the "search" button.

Once you find a class that interests you, click on it to open a Class Details window.

Our postings are maintained by the yoga teachers. Always verify the class time and location using the web address or contact information that are displayed on the Class Details popup form.
Why is the search zip code wrong?
Yoga Class Today uses the following methods to determine your location:

When you first open the search page, we attempt to use the Location Services that are part of your browser or device. This is the most accurate way of determining your location, but you may need to adjust your privacy settings in order for this method to work. For example, on the iPhone, you will need to use the Settings>Privacy>Location Services area to enable Location Services for Safari. Your device or browser will then prompt you to allow the site to locate you when you visit the search page.

If Location Services are not enabled, we will use your internet connection IP address to determine your location. This method is not as accurate, especially on mobile devices, so you may need to manually adjust the zip code.

We give priority to any zip code that you enter into the search area, so if the search page opens with an inaccurate zip code in the search area, just enter the correct zip code and click the "Search" button. If you do not have Location Services enabled, we will always use your last zip code search value the next time you visit the site.